Articles from December 2015

Make Some Mulled Wine for New Years

Originally Posted on EC Kraus Dec 23, 2015 | Ed provides us with a recipe for mulled, or spiced, wine.  It is a traditional European drink during the winter and would make a great addition to your New Years eve party!  Cheers

Guide to The Best Homebrew Podcasts

Originally posted on Nov 13, 2015 | Eric does us all a favor and provides a brief synopsis of the available homebrewing podcasts out there.  He gives his opinion on each podcast and will help you decide what brewing audio you want spend your time listening to.

How to Easily Start Your Own Yeast Bank

Originally posted Nov 27, 2015 | Bryan’s blog is one you should definitely be following. He often writes about yeast and has some of the best instructional videos. This video on houw to start your own yeast bank is great.

Is a Carbonator Cap Really Worth It?

Originally posted Dec 17, 2015 | Mike of Brew-dudes (thats pronounced brew dash dudes) reviews the carbonator cap, which is a special soda/seltzer bottle attachment which allows you to hook up your CO2 line to the bottle and quickly carbonate a sample of beer

Thoughts on Achieving True Bourbon Barrel Oak Flavor

Originally posted Dec 10, 2015 | Scott provides his thought process on how home brewers can get real bourbon barrel oak flavor in their beers.  His reasoning is sound and I recommend you check out the article to see how he plans to execute adding his oak.

Find Replacement Hops with this Calculator

Originally posted on Dec 10, 2015 | Scott Janish is quickly becoming a go-to site for homebrew resources.  His hop replacement calculator utilizes hop oil composition to help determine suitable replacements in your recipes