Articles from January 2016

What Classifies as a Session Beer

Originally posted Jan 28, 2016 | So yesterday we shared the announcement of Session Beer Day.  If you need a little more info on session beers, read what Alistair has to say on his blog,

Get Planning for Session Beer Day!

Originally posted Jan 27, 2016 | Session Beer day is April 7th.  Be sure to get you session beer recipes planned and brewed so you can take full advantage of this annual event!

WLP001 vs Wyeast 1056

Originally posted | In-depth thoughts and tasting panel information regarding the ubiquitous American Ale yeast.  Good discussion in the comments, too!

How to Execute a Triangle Test

Originally posted Jan 25, 2016 | Sean, who works for Genesee Brewing provides us with how to perform triangle test for sensory panels.

An Argument for One-Step Cleaner

Originally posted Jan 25, 2016 | Josh discuss the One Step cleaning product. He addresses what I think is everyone’s concern – why its not a sanitizer and if that matters.

Not Having Enough Space Is No Excuse Not to Brew

Originally posted Jan 24, 2016 | The stainless brewer goes into great detail on small-batch brewing. If you have ever considered, or new someone who was considering homebrew but complained they didn’t have enough space, then this is your primer!

Considering a New Brew Kettle

Originally posted Jan 23, 2016 | Brett gives us an in-depth review of the new Spike V3 brewing kettles. These kettles feature TIG welded coiuplers, are induction capable and can be fully customized. At the time of posting this HomebrewTalk is running a spike brewing kettle giveaway.

New to Belgian Beers – Start Here

Originally posted Jan 23, 2016 | Neil gives a good background on belgian beers. He then goes into detail on which ingredients work best in belgian beers and provides two recipes. Great read.

Clone Recipe for Founders KBS

Originally posted Jan 20, 2016 | The Homebrewers Association provides us with a recipe for Founders Kentucky Breakfast stout. Notice how coffee is used twice – as a flameout and as a cold-steep addition.