Articles from February 2016

Milling Malt Simple – Think Again

Originally posted Feb 25, 2016 | Matt goes into some detail regarding milling your malt.  He analyzes his gaps and uses sieves to examine the crush.  Find out if malt conditioning makes a difference

D.I.Y. Hardwood Tap Hanles

Originally posted Feb 25, 2016 | Barry over at The Brewed Palate has taken the time to detail how he makes his beautiful wooden tap handles.  See if these tap handles will be your next homebrew project.

How to Quickly Brew a Berliner

Originally posted Feb 24, 2016 | No sparge, a short boil, and two different yeast strains.  Put it together and you have a quick and sessionable Berliner Weisse beer

International Pale Lager Recipe

Originally posted Feb 23, 2016 | Using American 2-row and Triple Pearl hops, the folks at Inbounds Brewing offer up what appears to be a thirst-quenching lager.

Double IPA with A Lot of Citra

Originally posted Feb 22, 2016 | Scott of Bertus Brewery has earned a reputation of giving some of the best info and recipes on hoppy beers.  He upholds that reputation with this double IPA recipe likened to Kern River’s Citra IIPA.

French Beer History – Blending Beers

Originally posted Feb 22, 2016 | Amos helps translate mid-to-late 19th century french brewing texts.  In his first installment of these posts he discusses Bière de Coupage – blending beers.

Czech inspired Baltic Porter

Originally posted Feb 22, 2016 | Michael provides a recipe and tasting notes for a Czech Baltic Porter he created from the first runnings of another beer.

Vienna Lager Recipe

Originally posted Feb 16, 2016 | Derek over at Five Blades Brewing give us some guidelines on what he thinks lends to a good Vienna lager recipe.  He then shares his recipe, tasting notes and some sexy pictures.

HBC-438 Recipe and Flavor Thoughts

Originally posted Feb 19, 2016 | Ed of Ales of the Riverwards gives some background on a new hop varietal – HBC-438.  He then uses the hop in a pale ale recipe and gives tasting notes.

Orange Creamsicle Ale?

Originally posted Feb 18, 2016 | Homebrewers often look to existing flavor and pairing combinations already existing in the culinary world to create a new beer recipe.  Who doesn’t love an orange creamsicle?  The combo of sour and sweet citurs with the creamy ice cream center.  See if the Brew United folks can bottle those […]