Articles from March 2016

White Labs Vault – WLP611 Nordic Blend

Originally posted Mar 23, 2016 | Even you haven’t heard White Labs created a program that provides homebrewers with special release yeasts.  You pre-order the yeast and once the quota is hit, the “vault” is opened and White Labs propagates and ships.  The Brew-Dudes review the vault yeast “Nordic Blend”

Do You Brew With Raw Oats?

Originally posted Mar 28, 2016 | Maybe you should!  Oats are not just for breakfast or oatmeal stouts.  These days oats are finding their way into all kinds of beers.  Scott goes into detail on the how and why you should use them.

Ever Considered Making your Own Honey

Originally posted Mar 25, 2016 | Welcome to beekeeping 101.  This intro into maintaining bees is a very interesting piece.  I don’t think I am willing to do it (to afraid of getting stung), but does make me want to make some mead!

What are the Best Brew in a Bag, Bags?

Originally posted Mar 24, 2016 | Robert goes over the various mesh bag options homebrewers have for BIAB.  He offers some great info and makes the case for needing a bag even if have a traditional mash tun