Articles from May 2016

Exbeeriment: Roast Barley vs Black Patent

Originally posted May 31, 2016 | You know the drill – every week the Brulosophy team posts an experiment and I linked to it. See if tasters are able to notice a difference between roasted barley and black patent malt.

Under Pressure

Originally posted May 26, 2016 | Queue iconoic bass line from the Queen song…ok now that I have that stuck in your head, sing your way on over to Scott’s blog to read up on fermenting and dry hopping in a keg, under pressure.

Styles for Summer Beers

Originally posted May 23, 2016 | Its starting to heat up in most of the U.S. so look no further for your summer thirst-quenching beers.

English Bitter Recipe

Originally posted May 25, 2016 | I just posted another homebrewers bitter recipe and stated they didn’t get enough “love.” So its nice to see some others brewing them up!

Denny Conn’s Thoughts on NE IPAs

Originally posted on May 20, 2016 | In the past Denny has been vocal about not being a fan of the hazy NE IPAs.  He went through and tasted a ton of them and gave his honest feedback.

Epic Brew Shed Build

Originally posted May 23, 2016 | Wish you had a dedicated brewery, but don’t have room in your house?  This brewer solved the problem by building their own brewshed!  Amazing project with lots of great detail and pictures.

How to Brew the Best, Best Bitter

Originally posted May 22, 2016 | Best Bitters don’t seem to get enough love on this side of the pond, but they really can be delightful beers.  See how you can brew the best interpretation of one