Articles from June 2016

What Do I Brew Next?

This is a question I ask myself prior to any brew day.  Sometimes the answer is based on need, for example I NEED to get a hoppy beer back on tap. Other times it is based on time of year, like how I use winter time to brew lagers. But sometimes I jus’t don’t have a clue! Enter […]

Is Brewing Better with Someone Else Helping?

Originally posted on June 29, 2016 on The Hombrew Academy | Sometimes brewing can be a lonely hobby, but is brewing with someone a better way to enjoy brewday? See a couples take on this topic that includes quite a bit of humor.

Spice up Your Spirits – Beer Cocktails

Originally posted June 27, 2016 on Port 66 | That’s right, spice up your spirts because beer doesn’t need any additions! Check out these easy beer cocktails that will be sure to please even your known beer-drinking friends

Jalepeno Beer

Originally posted June 24, 2016 on One Pot Brewing | See how you can utlilze this mild pepper in your beer.  Includes recipe for a pale ale with jalepeno

New England Pale Ale

Originally posted June 27, 2016 on Five Blades Brewing | So I see a lot of criticism for these beers, but in the homebrew blogging world I am definitely seeing a lot more love for the style.  Check out Derek’s version on the hazy hoppy ale!

Using Chili Peppers in Beer

Originally posted June 24, 2016 on EC Kraus | Give it away, Give it away, Give it away now – oh wait, wrong kind of chili peppers! See how to use the veggie in your beer to add just the right dose of heat

New England IPA for Exbeeriment

Originally posted June 20, 2016 on Ales of the Riverwards | The exbeeriment from a few weeks ago featured a nice NE IPA.  Check out the recipe in this post.

Brewing Out of Bounds – Style Bending

Originally posted June 17, 2016 on HomebrewTalk | Style guidelines are great for honing in your brewing skills and submitting beers to competitions.  But sometimes you need to use them for what they are – guides. Figure out how to diverge from the beaten path in this article regarding styel bending.

Using Lacto Capsules for a Gose

Originally posted June 22, 2016 on Meek Brewing Co Blog | Making a gose and don’t have a reliable source for lactic bacteria?  What about using lactobacillus probiotic capsules from the pharmacy?

Intro to Good Lager Beer at Home

Originally posted June 17, 2016  on EC Kraus Blog | Getting into brewing lagers can be a little daunting. Get a ahead started in the right direction with these tips.