What Do I Brew Next? in Resources | Tagged | Thu June 30th

This is a question I ask myself prior to any brew day.  Sometimes the answer is based on need, for example I NEED to get a hoppy beer back on tap. Other times it is based on time of year, like how I use winter time to brew lagers. But sometimes I jus’t don’t have a clue!

Enter What to Brew

I stumbled upon this website for the first time the other day and I determined it is awesome.  An app and standalone website that asks brewers a simple question

     Would [Insert Style] work with [Insert Ingredient]?

You either agree or disagree.  Simple as that!

This data is then saved and you can search for different options based on a style or an ingredient and see what crazy concoction you can create next!  I would recommend only going with combo’s that have a 75% or higher agreement rate.


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