Articles from September 2016

Help from the Pro Brewer’s

Originally posted Sept 29, 2016 on Beer and Brewing | Not sure if Josh has a day job, but he seems to be writing great content all over the place these days – BYO, Beer and Brewing, and his own site Beer-Simple. He compiles a really nice article here talking about the relationship between pro […]

Thoughts on Judging Beer

Originally posted Sept 29, 2016 on Brulosophy | The Brulosophy team talks about judging with the help of a Master BJCP, Amanda Burkemper. Being a judge myself I can really appreciate her statements from both sides of the competition table.

VIDEO: The Grainfather Review

Originally posted Sept 27, 2016 on Homebrew Academy | Jason gives us a thorough review of the pros and cons of The Grainfather brewing system. Jason makes some really great videos (previously on using a carbonator cap) which is not as easy as one would think…this is how I know

Balancing Sour Beers

Originally posted Sept 26, 2016 on Homebrew Talk | Sour Beers are delicate. Use these tips to get your sour beers balanced.

Tips to Fix a Stalled Fermentation

Originally posted Sept 27, 2016 on Beer and Brewing | I think we have all been there at one point or another – fermentation has come to a halt. Whether its a bigger beer, or just yeast that is a little in need, figure out how to manage a stalled ferment.

Podcast: Home Roasting, Pumpkin Beer, Coffee Beers

Originally posted Sept 23, 2016 on Drips and Droughts | This podcast episode discusses home roasting coffee beans as well as adding coffee to beers.  There is also a little talk about the best way to go about making pumpkin beers – love ’em or hate ’em, right?

Preventing Green Beer

Originally posted on Sept 23, 2016 on EC Kraus | Green beer can be a real bummer. Find out how to prevent it from happening so you can be sipping the best brews possible

Blending Gueze

Originally posted Sept 26, 2016 on The Pour Report | Blending beers is as much an art as the actually brewing process itself.  Learn how to go about sampling and choosing how to blend gueze at the homebrew scale.

A Hectare of Hops Yields How Many Pints?

Originally posted Sept 20, 2016 on Appellation Beer | Stan discusses how many pints can be made from a certain amount of hops.  It seems its a lot less pints for American beers!

Your First Sour Beer

Originally posted on Lobhob | If you have still not ventured into the sour beer world then this may be a good starter article for you!

Campden Tablets to Stop Fermentation?

Originally posted Sept 20, 2016 on EC Kraus | Campden tables are often used in wine making to kill of the wild yeast prior to fermentation, but can it be used to stop fermentation?