Articles from October 2016

First Effect of the Northern Brewer Acquisition?

Originally posted Oct 28, 2016 on Indeed Brewing Blog | So this might be the first action we have actually seen in the homebrew world regarding the AB-InBev Northern Brewer acquisition. Indeed Brewing who formerly partnered with Northern Brewer to sell their Day Tripper and Midnight Ryder recipe kits has terminated their agreement. They have […]

Exbeeriment: Boiling with the Lid on

Originally posted on Oct 31, 2016 on Brulosophy | Is that boiling with the lid off mantra really that important? The Bru crew tackles boiling with a lid on vs a lid off in a festbier (heavy on the pils malt) and then executes their triangle test. ¬†Will there be DMS? Will there be a […]

Stepping into Step Mashing

Originally posted Oct 28, 2016 on Counter Brew | Step mashing can be broken down into a few simple steps or it can be very complicated. This post dives into some of the nuances of the process. See if you have been missing a “step” in your brewing by avoiding step mashes.

Cranberry Saison Recipe

Originally posted Oct 26, 2016 on Homebrewer’s Association | Cranberry are oft used in the fall and can be a really interesting fruit addition to a beer. How about a saison flavored with organic cranberries?

Shockingly Simple – Electric Brewing

Originally posted Oct 26, 2016 on HomebrewTalk | Electric brewing has some amazing benefits like being able to brew inside or significantly cheaper per batch “fuel” charges, but it has one real negative – it can be confusing! So lets break it down into some simpler terms.

NE IPA with Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy Hops

Originally posted on Oct 25, 2016 on Brouwerij-Chugach | Brian has been brewing quite a few of the NE IPAs lately. As he fine tunes his 6th iteration you can reap the rewards of his trails.

Barley Wine Recipe

Originally posted on Oct 25, 2016 on Homebrewer’s Association | You know what tastes great in the cold winter months…barley wine! You know when you need to brew a barley wine…right now. Get to it!

What Temp Should I Mash At?

Originally posted Oct 24, 2016 on Beer Simple | Maybe we are putting too much thought into mash temperature? Find out what Josh recommends for a mash temperature.

Brew-Dudes Thoughts on Northern Brewer Acquisition

Originally posted Oct 24, 2016 on Brew-Dudes | The Brew Dudes give us their thoughts on the recent AB-InBev acquisition of Northern Brewer. They discuss the theory that the acquisition is to gather data from homebrewers – think what styles are hot – so they can use it in their commercial brewing to sell more.

Tis the Season – Beer Advent Calendar

Originally posted Oct 23, 2016 on Havencrest Microbrewery | As a child I was a big fan of the little chocolate advent calendars…even though it was pretty crummy chocolate. I was always very diligent about eating one piece, and only one piece, each day. I think this tactic would work nicely with the adult versions […]

How to Make a Great Roggenbier

Originally posted on Oct 23, 2016 on Beer and Brewing | The most recent install on the Beer and Brewing “Make Your Best” series goes into roggenbier – a style which heavily utilizes rye malt.

Winter is Coming – Brew Big!

Originally posted on Homebrew Supply | Big beers were meant for winter. Don’t get left out in the cold by not being prepare with some high gravity beverages next season!