Articles from December 2016

Q&A With a Master Brewer

Originally posted on Dec 19, 2016 on Accidentalis | Matt interviews Ricardo, who is an amazing brew – I know cause I tasted his beers at #HomebreCon 2016.

Brewing Larger Batches

Originally posted on Dec 16, 2016 on Beer and Brewing | Do you need to step up your game? Learn how to brew larger batches succesfully.

Exbeeriment: Can You Detect Oxidation?

Originally posted Dec 19, 2016 on Brulosophy | The Brulosophy team tackles the issue of oxidation by doing their best to keg a beer with no O2 and then dousing another keg with pure o2! Can the blind tasters tell?

How Do you Reusue Yeast

Originally posted on Dec 8, 2016 on Homebrew Answers | Every wonder how is the best way to reuse yeast? Check out details posted on Homebrew answers to start saving money and making better beer!

Best Homebrewing Items of 2016

Originally posted on Beer and Brewing | Beer and Brewing polled homebrewers on their favorite ingredients, styles, and equipment manufacturers. See which items were the most popular this year!

Brewing with a Brew Magic

Originally posted Nov 29, 2016 on Accidentalis Brewing | Matt shows us what it is like to brew on a Brew Magic system. You know these systems are what started it all for some big brewery owners – Dogfish Head!

Finally a Homebrew Option for Canning

Originally posted on Dec 14, 2016 on Homebrew Academy | Jason shows us the amazing new Oktober Designs small-scale canning machine. Priced at $1500 it is still out of reach for most homebrewer’s budgets, but purchasing one for a brew club becomes much more feasible at this price point.

Fermentis S-189 compared to W34/70

Originally posted Dec 15, 2016 on Brulosophy | Marshall takes a look between the new (at least to homebrewers) Fermentis S-189 lager yeast and the old stand-by W34/70. He presents the info as an exbeeriment.

Let’s Discuss Pilsners

Originally posted on Nov 30, 2016 on Beer and Brewing | Do you know all about the differences between German, Czech and American Pilsners? Check out this article to whet your whistle!