About | Tue December 29th

There are a lot of homebrewing blogs, resources and information online that it can be hard to keep up with sometimes. Today’s Homebrew News has combed the internet to select only the best options and unite them on one helpful site.

You’re still here…Do you want more information?

“Of course we do! It’s why we came to the About page. We already figured out that this site posts links to other homebrewing blogs, experiments and articles from your tagline.”

Good point, let me expand…

You’d be hard pressed today to find someone who was not aware of craft beer. The industry has exploded over the last decade and total U.S. breweries are hovering around 3500. The increase in “beer awareness” has also led to more interest in brewing beer at home.

The engaged modern homebrewer has access to a plethora of great media, and while awesome, it can be a little overwhelming.

The ever-expanding homebrew community consists of a growing number of podcasts, forums, blogs, and experimental articles which are putting a strain on our most limited resource – TIME.

That’s where we come in!

Today’s Homebrew News filters through the internet to bring you only the very best homebrewing related content that other homebrewers are putting forward.

Each article we link to will have a brief description to help you quickly identify if it is something you want to spend your time reading or not.  This will leave you with more time to craft up your own next malt beverage.

As we continue to grow we plan to expand our resources, recommendations and guides to continue bringing you the content you want.  In the meantime, connect with us to get all the best homebrewing media freely flowing to your eyeballs.