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Tis the Season – Beer Advent Calendar

Originally posted Oct 23, 2016 on Havencrest Microbrewery | As a child I was a big fan of the little chocolate advent calendars…even though it was pretty crummy chocolate. I was always very diligent about eating one piece, and only one piece, each day. I think this tactic would work nicely with the adult versions […]

GABF Interviews Courtesy of Brulosophy

Originally posted Oct 13, 2016 on Brulosophy | Interviews from professional brewers can really glean quite a bit of information in a very short period of time. Check out Jake’s interviews at this years Great American Beer Festival.

Candy and Beer Pairings

Originally posted on Oct 6, 2016 on Beer and Brewing | As someone with a strong sweet tooth, I have trouble restraining from eating all of the Halloween candy before October 31st comes around.  As if we needed anymore incentive…see which candies pair with what style of beers!

Brulosophy Survey

I don’t plan on posting extra articles this weekend, so hopefully this post will see more traction.  Every year Marshall puts out a survey to get an idea of the “Modern Homebrewer.”  Its a great survey, but the results are best when sample size is the largest!  This time he has put out a survey […]