Malt Articles

Exbeeriment: Carapils – Does it have an Effect?

Originally posted Nov 28, 2016 on Brulosophy | Ah, Carapils. So many brewer’s add a percentage to every beer for foam stability and/or body. Others cite just increase your mash temperature will result in the same thing. The Brulosophy team investigates if carapils makes a difference in a Citra Blonde Ale

Base Malts

Originally posted Nov 14, 2016 on EC Kraus | Learn a little about the backbone of all your beers!

Milling Malt Simple – Think Again

Originally posted Feb 25, 2016 | Matt goes into some detail regarding milling your malt.  He analyzes his gaps and uses sieves to examine the crush.  Find out if malt conditioning makes a difference