Water Articles

Quick Guide to Brewing Water

Originally posted Aug 19, 2016 on EC Kraus | If you have never looked into water chemistry because it was too daunting, this is the post for you. Figure out how to treat your water for optimal beer flavor!

How to use Bru’n Water

Originally posted July 11, 2016 on Accidentalis | Matt gives a great rundown on how to use the most recent version of Bru’n Water.  Now is a great to learn how to adjust your water if you haven’t in the past!

Water by Region

Originally posted Mar 29, 2016 | Burton-on-Trent, West Coast, East Coast – great synopsis of the different water styles

A Guide to Practical and Low-Cost Water Adjustment

Originally posted on Dec 23, 2015 (UPDATED Mar 1, 2016) | Let’s face it, the introduction into water adjustment for all grain brewing can be a daunting task.  Dan’s post mitigates confusion and can get your water in line quickly and for a reasonable cost.  This is also a solid refresher for experienced water gurus.