Yeast Articles

How Do you Reusue Yeast

Originally posted on Dec 8, 2016 on Homebrew Answers | Every wonder how is the best way to reuse yeast? Check out details posted on Homebrew answers to start saving money and making better beer!

Norwegian Yeasts!

Originally posted Nov 15, 2016 on The Mad Fermentationist | Michael talks about some beers made with norwegian yeasts!

Mixed Fermented Sour Beer

Originally posted on Oct 10, 2016 on The Pour Report | Back in August we linked to the Pour Reports mixed fermented sour beer – a beer fermented with 5 different yeast dregs. This is the recipe and tasting notes from his second batch using that mix of yeast.

Sour Beer from 5 Different Commercial Yeast Dregs

Originally posted Aug 17, 2016 on The Pour Report | Having a house strain of sour bugs is pretty sweet. It’s even better when the origins stem from the likes of Cantillon, Tilquin, Russian River, Crooked Stave and Jolly Pumpkin.

VIDEO: How to Freeze Yeast

Originally posted Aug 3, 2016 on Sui Generis | Bryan over at Sui Generis blog puts out some of the best videos for homebrewers interested in maintaining their own yeast bank.  He adds to his yeast video series with this gem on how to freeze yeast.

IPA With 25 Yeast Strains

Originally posted June 1, 2016 | Some crazy IPA recipes are known for throwing a lot of different hop strains in the wort, but what about fermenting with more then one yeast.  Thats fairly radical, but 25 different yeasts?

Maintaining a Home Yeast Bank Focusing on Health

Originally posted Apr 11, 2016 | Most of us have read articles on saving yeast slurry for repitching, but what if you want to manage your own yeast bank?  This article has it all and focuses on keeping your yeast healthy.  The author was also very responsive in the comments section so give that a […]

No Fermentation Conrtol? Choose the Right Yeast

Originally posted Apr 6, 2016 | It’s been a while since I have not had temperature control that I completely forget about it.  I know some brewer’s do have to worry and the springtime can result in drastic temperature shifts daily.  Choose these yeasts to battle the elements