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Do you have a Problem with NEIPA?

Originally posted Dec 7, 2016 on Brouwerij-Chugach | No this isn’t for the haters, it’s for the lovers! Why do these style of beers get consumed so quickly?

Beer Muffins – Chocolate Porter

Originally posted Nov 30, 2016 on The Homebrew Academy | It’s always fun to use beer in cooking or baking. See how to make some delicious chocolate porter muffins!

IPA with Flaked Corn!

Originally posted Nov 29, 2016 on The Pour Report | Move over Oats! Some people are seeking other adjuncts to spice up their IPAs. Check out this recipe using Galaxy, El Dorado, and Azacca hops for a tropical corn IPA.

Doppelbock via BIAB

Originally posted Nov 14, 2016 on The Beginners Brew | See how to go about making a delicious doppelbock using the brew in a bag method!

Pear Wine?

Originally posted Nov 13, 2016 on Homebrew Answers | Ever want to make your own wine? What about fruit wine? Well Homebrew Answers has you covered with an article all about making your own wine from pears.

NE IPA with Millet

Originally posted Nov 7, 2016 on | Scott is either posting great in-depth articles, or using his vast brewing knowledge to pupmp out some tasty beers. This week it is the latter. See what his NE IPA with millet looks like.

In Case We Lacked Enough NE IPA Recipe Posts…

Originally posted Nov 8, 2016 on Lost Compass Brewing | Ok, I’ll admit it…its getting to be a little much – everyone is posting about NE IPA. We get it, its all anyone wants to drink, and that is fine, but maybe we should stop all the posts…or not!

Brett IPA

Originally posted on Nov 4, 2016 on Meek Brewing Co | This IPA is fermented with a few different yeasts, one being a brettanomyces strain. With Vic Secret and Citra Hops, this sounds like a tasty one!

Finally a use for Pumpkin Beer!

Originally posted Oct 30, 2016 on Beer and Brewing | Pumpkin beer is loved by many, but probably hated by more. In this article we utilize the pumpkin beer to make a delicious pumpkin cheesecake!

Cranberry Saison Recipe

Originally posted Oct 26, 2016 on Homebrewer’s Association | Cranberry are oft used in the fall and can be a really interesting fruit addition to a beer. How about a saison flavored with organic cranberries?