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Beer on the Brain

Originally posted Oct 14, 2016 on Sui Generis Brewing | The first two installment of this new 5-minute youtube series look very promising!  If you love geeking out on beer, be sure to subscribe to these!

VIDEO: The Grainfather Review

Originally posted Sept 27, 2016 on Homebrew Academy | Jason gives us a thorough review of the pros and cons of The Grainfather brewing system. Jason makes some really great videos (previously on using a carbonator cap) which is not as easy as one would think…this is how I know

VIDEO: History of Scottish Ales

Originally posted Sept 14, 2016 on Beersmith | Ron Pattinson joins the Beersmith podcast to talk about the history of scottish ales!

Video: Rye Espresso Stout Chop & Brew

Originally posted Mar 22, 2016 | Kristen England (Known for his work sourcing the origin of yeast strains over at joins Chip to brew a Rye Espresso Stout. This 30 min video also goes into some great recipe design tips

Video – Simple One-Vessel BIAB In Action

Originally posted Mar 7, 2016 | Jason is taking his one-vessel all grain brew in a bag RIMS system for a test drive.  This is a great and simple type of system if you are looking to get the consistency of a temperature controlled mash system, but are tight on space.  Jason’s walk-through is about […]